SAP 인증 P-SD-65 덤프

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P-SD-65시험 번호/코드: P-SD-65
시험 이름: SAP Certified Application Professional - Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
당신이 구입하기 전에 시도, 100% 합격율 보장
100% 환불보장약속 P-SD-65시험문제
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P-SD-65 덤프무료샘플다운로드하기:

NO.1 A system user can execute a certain set of SAP queries and requires running another existing
How do you enable the request?
A. Assign the appropriate authorization to the user.
B. Assign the user to the respective user group.
C. Assign the user to the respective query.
D. Assign the appropriate authorization to the respective user group.
Answer: B

SAP   P-SD-65 IT자격증   P-SD-65시험일정   P-SD-65시험자료

NO.2 A company wants to implement an inter-company process for their different plants. What
change in the enterprise structure is essential?
A. Assign the delivering plants to the selling sales organization.
B. Create a new company code to combine the different plants.
C. Assign the selling sales organization to a new company code.
D. Create new shipping points for the delivering plants.
Answer: A

SAP시험문제   P-SD-65시험자료   P-SD-65자료   P-SD-65

NO.3 Which elements in an SAP application can be personalized?
A. Print parameters and application help
B. Universal Worklist and print parameters
C. Universal Worklist and system time
D. Application help and system time
Answer: B

SAP최신덤프   P-SD-65   P-SD-65

NO.4 Sales documents are extracted from SAP ERP to SAP BW using the Logistics Cockpit. How do you
ensure that only changed documents are extracted?
A. Implement a User Exit.
B. Activate the supplied Business Add-In.
C. This requirement is met by standard functionality.
D. Reduce the frequency of extracts for sales, billing, and delivery documents.
Answer: C

SAP시험문제   P-SD-65자격증   P-SD-65   P-SD-65   P-SD-65

NO.5 Your customer is regularly facing long time periods between the creation of the delivery and
the creation of the invoice for export customers. They are asking you for an option to update the
export data in export invoices.
What is a possible solution?
A. Activate customer BAdI in the invoice.
B. Configure standard copy control.
C. Define commodity codes.
D. Enable direct billing type access to the material export data.
Answer: B

SAP자격시험   P-SD-65기출문제   P-SD-65 dumps

NO.6 Your customer has implemented a manual order-to-cash process. What is required to automate
order creation and processing?
A. Set up EDI input handling and automate background jobs.
B. Implement a user exit and automate copy control.
C. Set up EDI input handling and automate pricing.
D. Automate background jobs and copy control.
Answer: A

SAP자격증   P-SD-65시험일정   P-SD-65시험문제

NO.7 Your customer wants to implement additional pricing terms with the flexibility to turn them on
and off.
How do you implement this requirement with regards to an optimized performance?
A. Implement routines using transaction VOFM.
B. Implement a user exit using transaction SMOD.
C. Implement a copy control using transaction VTAA in the access sequence.
D. Implement a routine using transaction SE80 to replace the pricing procedure.
Answer: A

SAP시험자료   P-SD-65시험자료   P-SD-65덤프

NO.8 Trading goods should be processed in a distribution center without stock posting.
Which approach do you recommend?
A. Cross Docking: The goods are brought from goods receipt directly to goods issue.
B. Radio Frequency Identification: The goods are picked and packed contact free.
C. Lean Warehouse Management: The goods are transferred exclusively without goods receipt and
goods issue stock.
D. Yard Management: The goods are excluded from being stored, because of high transparency in
Answer: A

SAP자격증덤프   P-SD-65덤프자료   P-SD-65   P-SD-65자격증

Pass4Test 에서는 최신버전의 1z1-470시험에 대비한 고품질 덤프와 9L0-620시험 최신버전덤프를 제공해드립니다. Pass4Test의 074-678덤프의 VCE테스트프로그램과 C2210-911덤프는 한방에 시험을 패스하도록 도와드립니다. 최고품질 VCAW510시험자료는 100% 간단하게 시험패스하도록 최선을 다하고 있습니다. IT인증시험패스는 이토록 간단합니다.


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